Okay let’s face it, I’m obsessed with my skin or let’s say, having clear and healthy looking skin. For the past ten year (or maybe even longer) I’m kinda struggling with my skin – it’s on the acne prone side – don’t get me wrong it got a lot better… View Post

Probably one of my most loved places when it comes to food in Vienna. Café 7*Stern is located in 1070 Wien / Vienna and has a wonderful ambience as well. No matter if you’re here for breakfast or lunch / dinner, there are plenty of yummy (vegan) options. AND they… View Post

Als kleines Dankeschön an meine Leser gibt es heute zum Ende der Weihnachtszeit eine gift box von Lush zu gewinnen. Ich möchte euch damit einfach danken für eure Unterstützung und auch die Motivation die ihr mir gebt. Zu gewinnen gibt es die Evergreen gift box mit folgendem Inhalt: Santa’s Christmas… View Post

Miami Beach through my eyes Oh guys, you’re probably sick of me talking about how much I love Miami but hey, I really do!! I though it’s about time to put some shots of South Beach on the blog so you can see why I love it there so much.… View Post

As you probably know I’m a big fan of smoothie bowls and that includes acai bowls of course. I recently was in Miami and let me tell you acai bowls there are AMAZING!! But mostly I’m making smoothie bowls my own in the morning for breakfast. Açai pulp from Vero Amore… View Post