Probably one of my most loved places when it comes to food in Vienna. Café 7*Stern is located in 1070 Wien / Vienna and has a wonderful ambience as well. No matter if you’re here for breakfast or lunch / dinner, there are plenty of yummy (vegan) options. AND they… View Post

As you probably know I’m a big fan of smoothie bowls and that includes acai bowls of course. I recently was in Miami and let me tell you acai bowls there are AMAZING!! But mostly I’m making smoothie bowls my own in the morning for breakfast. Açai pulp from Vero Amore… View Post

I recently made a city trip to Prague with my girls. As I’m enjoying a vegan diet I wanted to share with you what I ate during the trips and what I’m able to recommend. 

First I have to say that non of the cafes and restaurants we’ve been to… View Post