how to pimp an “only basics” look

Basics don’t have to be boring! It’s so easy to pimp up a look that only consists of basic pieces like  jeans and a top. We all have these days where we have to jump in some clothes very quick in the morning or when you’re out and about all… View Post

pink hoodie obsession

  As you may have noticed hoodies are totally trending right now!! Who doesn’t love to leave the house in a comfy hoodie, right? It’s so cool to see the different styling options people come up with because only if you’re wearing a hoodie it doesn’t mean it has to… View Post

it’s all about mesh

You may have already noticed that black mesh pieces are totally tending at the moment. As dresses, or shirts or skirts – back mesh fabric is an awesome way to make an outfit stand out. It comes hand in hand with a edgy, lot of the times even grungy look… View Post

pink floral on grey knit

  give grey a chance The colors pink and grey definitely have been total staples this year in the fashion world. I learned how to style the color grey without ending up with a boring look. Actually it turned out it’s a perfect color for my pastel hair as well… View Post


  give me ruffles I have to admit that the recent ruffle fashion trend really really got me!! So enjoying these ruffles. I can remember that I snagged a blouse with a lot of ruffles from my beloved grandma a view years back and was obsessed with it. The thing… View Post