Shop local: The Best Places To Shop in Vienna

Some time ago I asked you on Instagram to tell me your favorite local stores here in Vienna. And boy did you flood me with messages – thanks to everyone who let me in on the secret of the best local Viennese shops. Some of them I knew and visited already and some of them I couldn’t wait to visit. So for this post I collected your and my Top 5 shops here in Vienna.


This pastel pink boutique concept store is what dreams are made of: Jewelry from eve’s JEWEL, Fashion by Mejerhof and the shop itself was designed by the talented Deea. If you are looking for unique and handcrafted designs for a modern woman’s wardrobe you have to visit here.

Ps: You can also find some of my favorite pieces from eve’s JEWEL here.

©wow_shop_Gumpendorferstrasse 76

Luv the shop

You want to update your wardrobe with a cool Scandinavian twist? Look no further! This multi brand store with locations in the second and sixth district will guide you directly to the cool girl look. Founders Leena Grosse and Karin Polak also inspire with their amazing Outfit Of The Week flatlays on Instagram. Make sure to check it out!!

Feine Dinge

You not only did provide me with tips for cool fashion shops but also sent me to look around at Feine Dinge. Here you will find porcelain which is 100% handmade in Vienna highlighting minimal design but in every color of the rainbow. The delicate pieces of founder Sandra Haischberger are now on my wishlist and are great for gifts.



Glein is a young Viennese Designstudio working only with sustainable produced materials made in workshops in the EU. If you are looking for THE perfectly designed shoe, T-Shirt or solid wood furniture you will be very happy here.


Amour Fou*

Amour fou ([amur’ fu:] French amour = love; fou = crazy) And yes, I fell crazy in love with the pieces shop founder Astrid Bleier curated. Sexy (and sustainable produced) lingerie in unique color combinations and perfectly cut swimwear. Here I also experienced THE BEST customer service ever. You just HAVE to stop by one day.


Die Sellerie

I will be honest: If I had more upper arm strength I would have carried home so much more. From books to textiles to papers to everything you need to keep the urban jungle at your flat looking pretty you will find it at Die Sellerie. The goods you can buy here are made in Europe and they also carry a wide range of products made by Austrian designers.

Sellerie-Showroom Wien ©Die Sellerie

What are your favorite Shops in Vienna? I’d be happy to read yours in the comments!!

much love,


  1. Juli
    December 20, 2019 / 1:05 pm

    Ich liebe Amour Fou! Die Beratung ist wirklich einmalig.

  2. Sandy
    December 20, 2019 / 1:06 pm

    Perfektes Timing erwischt 😀 Ich muss nämlich noch ein paar Geschenke kaufen.

  3. Elli
    December 25, 2019 / 11:38 pm

    Bei der Sellerie könnte ich immer ganze Säcke mit hübschen Sachen nach Hause tragen 😉 Amour Fou liebe ich auch sehr. Bei den anderen Shops war ich noch nie, werde aber sich demnächst vorbei schauen. Vielleicht gibts ja Sale 😉

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