My essentials for the perfect spring picnic

Schlumberger Rosé Sekt

Fingers crossed that spring is finally back in Vienna. We had so many rainy days lately, I’m so ready for some sunshine. Because there is nothing more beautiful than a picnic on warm, sunny days I made a list with my essentials for the perfect spring picnic. We should spend much more time outside and away from our laptop and phone and enjoy the moment.

here are my essentials for the perfect spring picnic:

  • A Nice picnic location

We’re lucky enough here in Vienna to have a lot of green, flowers and trees. My favorite place for a picnic is for sure the Burggarten in the inner city. There’s a lot of public green surrounded by typical old viennese architecture but you’re in the middle of the city anyway. Beside that the Stadtpark is very stunning as well and full of people during spring and summer.

  • A Picnic Basket

Of course you need a picnic basket to store everything you need for your get-together. I got this one from TK Maxx but seen them in a lot of different stores here in Vienna at the moment. Or you could ask your grandma if she may has one – so you don’t have to buy a new one. Also very important is a big blanket. I simply took something that I had at home already, I think it’s a big tablecloth but totally does the trick.

Schlumberger Spring Edition Sekt
  • A Bottle of bubbly

If there’s one thing that makes a perfect spring picnic then it’s a bottle of bubbly. My favorite for the picnic basket is the limited Spring Edition by Schlumberger. It’s the classic Schlumberger Rosé but in floral design, created especially for their Sparkling Spring. It’s the most beautiful bottle and of course I love the rose tones that look pretty in every picture. The taste is amazing and totally gives me that spring and early summer mood – reminds me a bit of red berries as well. 

Sparkling wine from Austria

Did you even know that Schlumberger is a sparkling wine from Austria? Schlumberger has maintained the most authentic and traditional method of producing Sekt since 1842. The grapes and the wine originate from Austria. The processing takes place in Austria as well and even everything about the packaging is supplied by Austrian companies. I think that’s a very important fact, as we all should try to support companies who are  producing everything in Austria.

I just saw that they are having a giveaway on their website, I think it’s very cool so in case some of you want to participate, you can have a closer look here. Simply share your favorite spring moment with Schlumberger Rosé on Instagram or Facebook and use the Hashtag #sparklingspring and tag @schlumberger.sekt – the price is really awesome.

  • The perfect snacks

What would a picnic be without some yummy snacks?! The hotter it gets during spring and summer season the more I reach for fresh fruit and veggies. Homemade salads and fruit bowls are amazing for picnics, or even some sandwiches. If you want to keep it simple just pack some fresh berries or grapes, they don’t need any time to be prepared and go amazing with that bottle of bubbly.

  • Your friends

And because a picnic alone is only half the fun make sure to invite some of your friends or organize the picnic as a little surprise after work. It’s also a very sweet birthday party option. I don’t know about you but so many of my friends are born in the months from May to August – if you’re clueless about a gift, think about this blogpost because what is a better present than time spend together with people you love?

  • A cute outfit

I totally took this picnic as an excuse to dress up. Linen still has its moment this spring and summer and it’s the perfect fabric for hot days. I got this two piece from Topshop and have worn it several times so far. It’s very comfy and easy to style. I think that’s the most important thing – find an outfit that gives you room to move and sit on the ground. Whatever you’re wearing just be careful with the grass. I managed to get some stains in my trousers but luckily I was able to wash them out, yay!!

And this completes the list with my essentials for the perfect spring picnic. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and it was helpful or an inspo for your next picnic. Let me know in the comments about your favorite picnic essential, I’d love to know.

much love,

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  1. Andrea
    May 30, 2019 / 1:19 pm

    Ich liebe den Burggarten zum Picknicken.

    • heynikacom
      June 6, 2019 / 8:43 am

      Ich auch!! So schön dort, oder? Einfach die perfekten Wien-Summer-Vibes 🙂

  2. Emmy
    June 6, 2019 / 7:36 pm

    The glasses look so cute! Stunning location.

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