TESTED: Kenwood PureJuice Pro Slow Juicer

Kenwood PureJuice Pro JMP800SI Slow Juicer

Over the last months I was able to test the PureJuice Pro JMP800SI from KENWOOD*. It’s a slow juicer and here’s my review for you guys together with a recipe for a delicious healthy green juice that actually tastes wonderful as well.

First things first, you know I love smoothies and smoothie bowls and fresh pressed juices. I’m also addicted to ginger shots and have them quite often. But we all know that these healthy things can be very expensive, especially on a day to day basis. So owning a juicer definitely makes sense if you’re drinking these little healthy helpers all the time.

Kenwood PureJuice Pro JMP800SI Slow Juicer

About the juicer

I was very interested in this particular model because the KENWOOD PureJuice Pro is a slow juicer. So this means when it’s processing the vegetables and fruits there isn’t any heat occurring. That is important because heat can harm the vitamins and all the good stuff in your juice and everything would have been in vain. It also prevents the juice from turning brown too quick.

Another cool feature is that you basically could put a whole apple into the tube (however I always cut the vegetables and fruits I use in smaller pieces anyway but we actually tried it and it worked). The juicer isn’t very loud when using it, so that’s very pleasant and there’s a cleaning function as well. In general I try to clean my juicer (or blender) as soon as possible after the process because the acids of the fruits can harm the plastic pieces and turn them yellowish (especially when working with ginger) or dull.

Kenwood PureJuice Pro JMP800SI Slow Juicer

Kenwood PureJuice Pro JMP800SI Slow Juicer

The recipe

For this juice I used about half veggies, half fruit. The fresher your irgendeines are the better because some vitamins can disappear rather quick unfortunately. So we used the following:
some apples (really nice to add some natural sweetness)
one pink grapefruit
one lemon
two hands full of baby spinach
celery (quite a lot but I love the taste)
and one cucumber (very good for adding liquid)

The green juice turned out really yummy – the pink grapefruit is quite prominent (so if you don’t like the taste of it you better leave it out) but I love it!! You can store the juice in the fridge for a few days but keep in mind the quicker you drink it the more benefits is has for your body.

Kenwood PureJuice Pro JMP800SI Slow Juicer

All in all I can totally recommend the KENWOOD PureJuice Pro and I will make sure I provide a recipe for the ginger shots that I already made with it (before we were traveling to Miami in September) very soon because the cold season is here and that’s the best thing to boost your immune system.


Tell me, if you had to choose do you prefer fresh juices or smoothies? Let me know in the comments!!

much love,





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