TESTED: Bobbi Brown Skincare

Bobbi Brown skincare

Since the beginning of this year I tested a lot of Bobbi Brown products. Obviously I know the brand longer than that but never had lots of stuff from it, just a few makeup staples. BUT they have amazing skincare as well.

Bobbi Brown skincare

Hydrating Eye Cream

This quick-absorbing eye cream moisturizers the eye area and melt onto the skin. It claims to leave the skin soft, smooth and refreshed what I can totally confirm. The cream is formulated with Enriched Mineral Water Blend to hydrate, balance and revive skin. Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel extract comfort, while Jojoba Seed, Avocado Oil, and Squalane condition.

Where should I start?! I always used eye cream but when I was at an Bobbi Brown event earlier this year, Eduardo Ferreira (Head of Artistry at Bobbi Brown) told me that my under eye area is dry!! To be honest, I was shocked because I haven’t even noticed that. After this I started using the Bobbi Brown Hydrathing Eye Cream and I LOVEEE it ever since. It sinks very softly into the skin and doesn’t give me any irritation at all (what happens to me all the time with eye creams). The cream works perfect under concealer, color corrector or makeup. Honestly I can’t live without it!! If you’re not using eye cream yet GO AND PURCHASE ONE RIGHT NOW!!

Bobbi Brown skincare Hydrating Eye Cream

Hydrating Face Cream

This face cream is another best seller of the Bobbi Brown range. It’s a rich yet lightweight formula that instantly hydrates and moisturizes, conditions and nourishes throughout the day (and is ideal for layering under makeup) as described on the website. The cream has a clean maybe slight floral scent and sinks into the skin very quick and doesn’t look oily. As my skin is definitely on the oily and acne-prone side this one is a bit too heavy for me. If you skin is normal to dry, or needs a lot of nourishing ingredients I’d say you give it a go.

Bobbi Brown skincare Hydrating Face Cream

Skin Clarifier No. 75 – Pore & Oil Control

One of the biggest mistakes of my life (sounds really hard, I know but it’s true) when it comes to skincare and treating my acne prone skin was using harsh products and no moisturizer at some point in my teen years. I took me years to learn that even if your skin is oily it needs moisture or can be dry at the same time. Sometimes our skin starts to produce more oil when we use harsh products that make it dry out or stop using moisturizer because we have the feeling it’s oily. In fact using oil and oily skin can give you the opposite effect: for me this totally helped!! I’m not saying that my skin isn’t oily at all anymore but when I started to use facial oils (it’s very important to use the right ones for your skin concern) my skin got less and less oily.

The Bobbi Brown Pore & Oil Control claims to clean out pores, controls sebum and balances the skin while gently exfoliates and refines it. A little bit goes a long way and I noticed that my skin is less oily when using it over a longer period of time. I highly recommend trying an oil if your skin is very oily and see what happens.

Bobbi Brown skincare remedies

Skin Relief No. 80 – Calming Algae Complex

If you have sensitiv or stressed skin THIS IS FOR YOU!! The remedy claims to reduce redness and irritation and calms stressed skin. Red Algae and Knotted Kelp, both known as powerful skin calming ingredients this solution helps to keep irritation at bay. I love to use it when I’ve had some reaction on a skincare product that I’m testing and my skin starts to freak out. This instantly calms my troubled skin and helps it to heal more quickly it seems. Also if your suffering from a lot of redness this will be your best friend.

Skin Moisture Solution No. 86 – Intense Rehydration Compound

Even if my skin is on the oily side usual for some reason it was very dry this winter. In February we’ve spent ten days in Miami and I hoped the tropical climate would help against the dry patches but haven’t had much impact. So when I was back home I stared to use this solution on all parched skin areas.

The Hyaluronic Acid Complex helps to pull moisture to the skin and support skin’s natural moisturizing factor. Formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate, a naturally derived moisture magnet that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. It claims to draw moisture to skin while stimulating skin’s natural Hyaluronic Acid production as described on the package. After a few uses I noticed a difference on the dry patches on my skin and it didn’t took long and they were gone. I really hope they won’t come back this winter but if, I’m prepared now!!

Bobbi Brown skincare remedies

Lip Balm SPF 15

Okay okay, you got me – I totally got this one for the packaging, I mean come on it’s just so pretty!! But don’t you worry, it’s really nice on the lips too. Ingredients such as avocado, olive and wheat germ oils help to create a protective layer, beeswax hydrates the lips and aloe vera soothes them. I love to wear it under lipstick or on it’s own and it will look amazing in all your beauty shelfie pics.

Bobbi Brown skincare Lip Balm SPF 15

Have you tried any skincare products from Bobbi Brown yet? Let me know in the comments!! Also if you’d think about getting one of the products I mentioned above and you only want to start with one, I highly suggest trying the Hydrating Eye Cream!!

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