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Café 7*Stern Lunchbowl Flammkuchen

Probably one of my most loved places when it comes to food in Vienna. Café 7*Stern is located in 1070 Wien / Vienna and has a wonderful ambience as well. No matter if you’re here for breakfast or lunch / dinner, there are plenty of yummy (vegan) options. AND they serve delicious home made pies and cakes as well – probably my favorite part.

Café 7*Stern vegan Shakshuka

Café 7*Stern Lunchbowl Granola


Okay let’s start with breakfast. If you’re in the mood for something warm and filling, take the SHAKSHUKA (there’s a vegan option with lots of avocado). It’s basically like a tomato, bell pepper & onion stew, served with the most yummiest bread ever and different topping.

Or you go classy and take one of their granolas (available with soy yoghurt too). I’m usually very picky with breakfast bowls because I make my own almost every morning and some of the ones out there aren’t really good but this one I can totally recommend.

Café 7*Stern Lunchbowl

lunch / dinner

For lunch or dinner I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 7*Stern Lunchbowl!! It’s my fav thing to order. It’s a bowl full of oven roasted veggies, couscous, hummus and different toppings like fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts. The best part about it, it’s never the same. For me this one never get’s old, big love.

Café 7*Stern Lunchbowl gosweet bakery


Last but not least: THE CAKES. I think I’ve already tried all the vegan options. If you love chocolate you have to check out my fav, it’s a chocolate spelt cherry brownie (not sure if it’s called exactly like that but you can’t miss it) and it’s so tasty. I could easily eat more than one,..

Café 7*Stern gosweet bakery cake

Café 7*Stern gosweet bakery cake

Beside the awesome food the prices are totally okay as well and I just enjoy the vibes and the interior there. If the weather is nice there’s a place to sit outside as well and get some sunshine and fresh air.


In the future I’m going to share a lot of restaurants and places I like to eat & hang out because I got ask a lot from you guys who are traveling to Vienna where to eat – and also, the endless food pics are not wasted this way 😉 hope you’ll enjoy them.




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