Vienna House Martinspark Dornbirn – rethinking vacation

I had the perfect weekend getaway to Dornbirn in Vorarlberg, Austria. I was able to enjoy the wonderful Vienna House Martinspark Dornbirn hotel. Followed by a tour through Schwarzenberg and Bregenzerwald.

Schwarzenberg Vienna House Martinspark Dornbirn

This summer totally changed my mind about vacation and from now on things will be a bit different for me. I have the feeling most people think a vacation is more exclusive or valuable if the destination is far away. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to travel the world and we probably all would love to, but sometimes you just forget how many amazing places are near your, or even in your own country. For the year 2018 I want to travel much more within Europe and also within Austria for little weekend getaways.

This summer I’ve done a lot of research on holiday destinations that are near my home so that you don’t have to travel long distances because sometimes there’s not enough time for that. To be honest I haven’t even known that there is such a beautiful sea in the mediterranean area, it’s really breathtaking. You safe so much time if you only have to travel two hours by plane instead of fifteen!! Don’t get me wrong, I will always love to travel to amazing places no matter how long it takes but we should rethink and realize that we don’t always have to travel long distances to see stunning places.

Long weekend getaway with Vienna House

At the beginning of July I was lucky enough to go on a little adventure with the Vienna House team and some fellow bloggers to explore Dornbirn which is located in the west of Austria, in Vorarlberg. We stayed at the Vienna House Martinspark Dornbirn, a very lovely and Austrias first architecture hotel. It’s close to the train station of Dornbirn so it’s easy to reach when you’re traveling by train (what we did). Very special is that the hotel features different objects from artists. And on top of that I enjoyed delicious food with lot of vegan options.

Vienna House Martinspark Dornbirn

Vienna House Martinspark Dornbirn

Vienna House Martinspark Dornbirn

… the view from my hotel room!!


Our adventure list for Dornbirn

We had a very tight schedule but only because of that we were able to do so much cool stuff!! Here’s a list with all the things we’ve explored during our stay:

exploring Schwarzenberg – a lovely traditional village

Schwarzenberg Vienna House Martinspark Dornbirn

Schwarzenberg Dornbirn

Angelika Kauffmann museum in Schwarzenberg

Angelika Kauffmann museum Schwarzenberg

Werkraum Bregenzerwald – awesome project and a must for interior lovers!

exploring Krumbach’s seven bus stops – every stop is designed by a different international architect

Krumbach bus stops Dornbirn

… this bus stop was designed by the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto.

FLATZ museum in Dornbirn – Wolfgang Flatz is a famous performance artist born in Dornbirn

Rolls Royce museum in Dornbirn

Rolls Royce museum Dornbirn

Rappenloch Dornbirn Bregenzerwald

… this beautiful place called „Rappenloch“ is right behind the Rolls Royce museum.

Cable car ride „am Karren“ – lunch with a great view

Am Karren Dornbirn Bregenzerwald

My personal favs of our trip

Top three on this list are the lovely village Schwarzenberg – I felt in love with this place. So many cute houses and amazing nature. The Rolls Royce museum in Dornbirn – I’m a sucker for vintage cars and we also got some awesome stories to hear about certain cars of their collection, it was really interesting and impressing. And of course the cable car ride and lunch at „am Karren“. The view was breathtaking, if you go there make sure to plan a little hike too because the air is incredible.

Dornbirn Bregenzerwald Austria Vorarlberg

… in Dornbirn there are too many beautiful houses and flowers, simply couldn’t stop to take pictures.

Dornbirn Bregenzerwald Austria Vorarlberg

I had the best time in Dornbirn and enjoyed the stay so much! This trip was the reason I decided that I want to make more little weekend trips in 2018 within Austria. There are so many stunning places I haven’t visited and luckily everything is easy to reach (little country, yay) by train, that makes traveling very relaxing too!

Special thanks to the lovely Vienna House team for organizing such a wonderful trip ♥

Do you have any suggestions for me what places I absolutely have to visit in Austria? Let me know in the comments!!



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