Glossier skincare – I am obsessed!

Glossier skincare

The brand Glossier was founded back in 2010 via, a very successful beauty blog. For the longest time they were only shipping within the US & Puerto Rico but since a few days they ship to Canada and soon to London as well. So hopefully Europe is next because guys let me tell you, this beauty brand is next level!! Luckily a lovely friend of mine was so kind to send me some products over so I was able to try them out and I got totally obsessed!! I got three different products: the Priming Moisturizer, the Balm Dotcom in ‚mint‘ and the Super Pure serum.
Glossier is cruelty free!! YAY ♥


Priming Moisturizer

Let me tell you this is my new holy grail!! SO MUCH LOVE for this moisturizer. It’s amazing for the hot summer months and I have to feeling that when using it my skin is less oily than usually. What is beyond amazing and so for the past two months or maybe even a bit longer it’s the only moisturizer I’ve used. It’s the perfect base for makeup as well! Sold for $25usd / 50ml

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

Super Pure serum

This serum is loaded with niacinamide (known as Vitamin B3, it has a powerful soothing action) and zinc (Penetrates pores to help clear out impurities and excess sebum & helps to heal and rejuvenate skin) what visibly soothe redness and helps to calm blemishes. Sounds so good right?! I product is self feels totally weightless on the skin. I wish I could love it but the two times I’ve tried it I got some reaction too it – bummer! I will give it another shot to be 100% sure,.. Sold for $28 / 15ml

Glossier Super Pure serum

Balm Dotcom in ‚mint‘

One word – OBSESSED! Seriously the best lip balm I’ve tried so far!! And believe me, I’ve tried them ALL. Last year during winter I got the driest lips ever and so I went on a hunt and tested me through loads of different balms – drug store vs. high end. I can say that this one makes the softest and most hydrated lips, totally sear by it and of course I want to get all of them now!! There are tinted ones as well, omg. The mint one is a bit tingly on the lips what I personally love – craving anything mint, so this was my first choice. Sold for $12 / 15ml

Glossier Balm Dotcom in ‚mint‘

Have you ever tried Glossier? If so, what are your fav products, what should I try next? Or what products would you like to try? My new list is endless, I’m so keen to try all their stuff when they start shipping to the UK!! Especially the Invisible Shield SPF 35, the Soothing Face Mist and the Boy Brow ♥

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  1. Andrea
    August 9, 2017 / 9:26 am

    Uuuh the lip balm calls my name 🙂

  2. corn.lia
    August 9, 2017 / 5:59 pm

    sounds amazing! I definitely have to check them out! 🙂

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