what I ate in Prague (vegan edition)

Cafe~Cafe prague vegan options

I recently made a city trip to Prague with my girls. As I’m enjoying a vegan diet I wanted to share with you what I ate during the trips and what I’m able to recommend. 

First I have to say that non of the cafes and restaurants we’ve been to were expensive, so you don’t really have to worry about that. We had a cozy Airbnb near the city center and all of the places we’ve been to were in walking distance. In general this was really cool about Prague, basically like in Vienna, you’re able to reach each spot in a good amount of time.

Meat & Greet

I will start with my favorite place we’ve been to: Meat & Greet. Don’t get distracted by the name. The place has the most amazing potato fries but even more delicious sweet potato fries EVER. Seriously, after this trip I got madly obsessed with them and had them about 10 to 15 times already. At the moment I’m in the process of find the perfect way to make them at home in the oven what is way harder than expected (I’m a pro when it comes to oven baked potato fries because I’m doing them this way for three years now or so, but the sweet ones are SO tricky!!).
So at Meat & Greet I had the veggie burger (what was super easy to made vegan) and the sweet potato fries – it was super yummy. I liked the fries better than the burger. Don’t get me wrong, the veggie burger was good but I already had better ones. My girls loved the place as well and they also served most delicious beer from a small local brewery. Sadly I wasn’t able to made any pics good pics because the lightning was poor. AND pro tip: if you want to go for dinner there make sure to get a reservation – they’re totally booked in the evening.


Oh I loved this place so much. Sadly not so many good vegan options but the place was so so pretty, amazing floor, furniture, walls, tables – EVERYTHING was just too beautiful. I had some mint tea, toast and jam and a yummy avocado toast (what you have to order vegan because it comes with eggs – even if I told them mine came not vegan first so I had to exchange what was a bit annoying). In general the waiters haven’t been that thoughtful as you would expect. Beside that the food was really delicate. Totally would come back for great ambience and yummy breakfast.
Cafe~Cafe prague vegan options

Cafe~Cafe prague vegan options avocado toast


On our first evening we went to a vegetarian restaurant called Maitrea in the old town. They serve lots of vegan dishes as well. I had no problem to find something yum and also my girls were happy with their vegetarian choices. I had a oven potato with vegan mayonnaise (probably the best vegan mayonnaise I ever had) and a little salad on the side what was delicious (lot of fresh vegetables and also some fruits and not too much dressing – I’m very picky with that). Only downside, big part of the restaurant is in the basement of the building, so it was very dark with muted lights what I personally don’t enjoy that much. Prices were okay as well.

Café Louvre

We had a big late breakfast here and totally enjoyed it. We came quite late for breakfast and luckily just got a table because it was already very crowded at 11am. The ambience was impressive: giant rooms and vintage looking wallpapers with cute paintings. Also the waiters were super lovely and thoughtful there. Sadly there haven’t been great vegan options for breakfast so I ordered a avocado salat and some extra toast and simply mashed the avo on it – easy as pie. It was a really lovely place.

Café Louvre prague vegan options

Street Food

Our trip was one week before easter and because of that reason in the city of Prague there was going on a big easter market with a lot of street food – what was totally amazing. Lots to see, fresh vegetables, local made dishes, sweets, fresh flowers and so on. Here’s a pic of very tasty potatoes with different vegetables (these should end up as raclette but I simply ordered it without cheese, so they were vegan.

street market prague

vegan street food prague

Overall it wasn’t too bad to find good vegan options in Prague. If you’re only traveling with vegans it’s probably more easy as there are a few restaurants that only serve vegetarian & vegan but I’m not the person who drags my fellow travelers only to place I like to eat and they may don’t really enjoy.


Have you ever been to Prague? I’m really in love with this city and for sure would visite again.


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  1. May 19, 2017 / 9:57 am

    I loved my time in Prague! We went to Meat & Greet and Cafe-Cafe, and of course we tried the street food that Prague is famous for 🙂
    Very interesting article, I did not know of the other places you mentioned!

    Happy travels!

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