how to pimp an “only basics” look

basic pieces outfit inspo

Basics don’t have to be boring! It’s so easy to pimp up a look that only consists of basic pieces like  jeans and a top. We all have these days where we have to jump in some clothes very quick in the morning or when you’re out and about all day a very comfy outfit is best.


basic pieces outfit inspo

If you keep in touch with my blog or my Instagram you already know that I’m obsessed with all shades of light blue lately. So this knit top totally called my name. I really adore the muted tone and the turtle neck. Together with slim fit jeans in a dark wash it looks great already but maybe a bit effortless.

basic pieces outfit inspo grey coat mango

how to style

So here are my two easy tips to give a basic outfit a little extra and make it look like much more. First add a statement piece. Like this coat for example. It totally puts the outfit together especially because blue and grey just is a match made in heaven and the print adds something new.
Second tip would be to wear a pair of shoes that isn’t basic. So instead of going for a pair of sneakers, put on something that is an eye catcher like this pair. It has a lot of details and that’s what makes a difference. You could also combine a basic look with a statement bag, that also works very well or even a really cool hair do would make a little extra, like some pretty braids for example.

pastel pink hair

topshop maximum boots gucci dupe

basic pieces outfit inspo

I know a lot of peeps who say: „I only wear basics, that’s not really interesting“, „my look feels kinda boring to me“. So I just wanted to show you that you don’t have to change your look or wear something you don’t like. By adding some little extras to your „basic outfit“ it makes a total difference and for others it looks like you’ve put much effort into your styling. Super easy!

shop the look

top – H&M
jeans – Topshop
coat – Mango (kinda similar here)
shoes – Topshop via Zalando

Are you enjoying a lot of basics in your wardrobe? What do you think about the styling tips lovelies?

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