lush easter collection 2017

lush easter 2017
oh hi new products

I always love it when there are new products at Lush. As I buy Lush stuff since years now it’s always great to mix it up and honestly, who doesn’t love new products, right?! The easter collection of this year contains a whole lot of new items what is amazing! There is a new lip scrub, a new shower gel a new soap but also some old favorites like Golden Egg bath bomb melt.

Wash Behind Your Ears shower gel

A new shower gel, yay!! Okay so this shower gel is a totally new smell if I’m not mistaken. Fresh carrot infusion, neroil, rose and jasmine oil as well as sunflower oil are part of the ingredients. I really love the consistency, it’s very thick and creamy and has some slightly shimmer to it. The smell reminds me of a mix of carrot juice and fresh flowers. It’s very mild and moisturizing for your skin.
lush easter 2017 wash behind your ears shower gel

Chocolate lip scrub

Okay I have to admit I’m totally in love with this new lip scrub because the smell is so yummy! I really had to think about it for a while of what the smell reminds me. First I thought it would be this orange chocolate cookies (in Austria they’re called „Messino“) but actually hubby got a better one: it smells like „Milchschnitte“!!
The scrub is loaded with dark chocolate, tangerine oil, sweet orange oil, vanilla absolute and cocoa powder. Like every scrub it contains whole sugar to peel your lips and jojoba oil to moisture.

lush easter 2017 chocolate lip scrub

Flopsy face wash jelly

So this cute little bunny face mask is a wash jelly to cleanse your face. You’re able to use it in once piece or you could also rip off (poor bunny) an ear for example and use it in smaller pieces. The smell reminds me of carrot soap from Lush, one of my most loved smells ever. It’s with fresh carrot infusion what is brightening for your skin, carrageenan extract (what is obtained from sea weed) to hydrate and almond oil to moisture your skin.

lush easter 2017 flopsy face wash jelly

Chick’n’Mix bath bomb

A bath bomb for at least two baths in a total cute look. This little chicken is just too lovely and has a very interesting smell that I like but it’s kinda hard to describe for me. It has something powdery to it, very fine and lovely. It’s with bergamot oil and tonka absolute. Tonka absolute is one of my favorite ingredients of all time I believe. It gives every product a sweet touch that isn’t pushy. Oh and in the middle of this bath bomb there is a tiny surprise!

lush easter 2017 chick'n'mix

Golden Egg bath bomb melt

This product is actually a mix of a bath bomb and an oil bath what is pretty amazing because it’s two in one! Not only exciting in the bath tub but moisturizing and skin softening as well. The smell is very sweet and creamy. Golden Egg contains a lot of Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter and sweet wild orange oil as well as bergamot oil what uplifts and cleanses at once.
Pro tip: if you’re afraid that the glitter will make a mess in your tub and stay on your body – just make sure to rinse (you and your tub) just after your relaxing bath and all will be fine.

lush easter 2017 golden egg

product list

Wash Behind Your Ears shower gel

Chocolate lip scrub

Flopsy face wash jelly

Chick’n’Mix bath bomb

Golden Egg bath bomb melt


The easter collection is now in the shops and online! Have you checked it out already? What’s on your list or do you have some favorites already?



    • heynika
      March 26, 2017 / 11:47 pm

      right?!! and the smell is amazing too <3 :*

  1. May 24, 2017 / 2:59 pm

    Dear Jannika!

    I´m really proud of you. Congrats, to your beautiful website.
    Keep it up! Greetings and a hug, Papo.

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