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vegan smoothie bowl


My love for smoothie bowls started about three years ago when I tried to cut out dairy more and more from my diet. To that time they weren’t that hyped as they are now and I had to dig a bit to get some more info about this delicious looking breakfast options. One day I found the Instagram from Loni Jane (she’s still one of my biggest inspos ever if it comes to healthy vegan food). She shared a lot of her recipes in her posts on Insta (meanwhile she already has published two ebooks) and I totally got obsessed.

vegan rapberry smoothie bowl

my how to

Some people are totally familiar with smoothie bowls – others haven’t even heard of them yet. Basically it’s a smoothie in a bowl topped with a lot of yummy stuff and is typically served for breakfast. As you already can imagine there are thousands of options how to make a smoothie bowl but I thought it would be nice to share my go to smoothie bowl base. I really like to keep it simple here, so for the base I always go with two ingredients: bananas and milk (plant based for me). Most of the time I use frozen bananas (I buy a lot of them, let them ripe to the desired level and then I put them in the freezer – so I make sure I never run out of them and they last a very long time). My favorite plant based milk options are rice milk or oat milk.

And now the amazing part – to that smoothie bowl base you can add what every your heart wishes for. For a tropical smoothie bowl for example I add in few chunks of pineapple. For a green smoothie bowl I like to add a bit of baby spinach. There are SO MANY OPTIONS. Only thing I suggest is that you don’t use more than 5 ingredients – if you add to many different things the taste can end up weird sometimes (and the color too). Then everything goes into my Vitamix to blend. All you have to to then is find a nice bowl, add the smoothie base and top it with some fresh fruits, granola, nuts, cacao nibs, etc. etc.

vegan rapberry smoothie bowl


vegan smoothie bowl base


vegan smoothie bowl

Ingredients for my raspberry smoothie bowl

1 and a half frozen bananas
little bit of oat milk
a few frozen raspberries

organic granola
frozen raspberries
chia seeds
cacao nibs (I love this ones)

First I add the frozen bananas and the oat milk into my Vitamix (I let it sit a little bit so the bananas get softer) -> blend. Then I add the raspberries and blend with a very low level to end up with tiny raspberry chunks. Into the bowl it goes and then it’s time to add your toppings & enjoy <3


Have you tried smoothie bowls yet? For me they are the perfect start into the day because they keep you full very long (compared to the usual cereals or some toast).


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